2m External Mini SAS SFF-8088 to SFF-8088 Cable


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External SAS Cables

Infiniband or Mini SAS Multilane 4X SAS cables will connect your SAS enclosures with RAID controllers, HBAs or adapters. All multilane connectors have 4-channels, that is, they are capable of driving 4 devices (or more with use of an expander) and can fan-out to single channel connections.

These cables are high quality, 6Gbps rated and proven reliable.

SFF-8088 Also known as: 

  • Mini SAS
  • External Mini SAS 4x
  • External Mini SAS 26 pin

This is the most common external multilane connector type. However, unlike SFF-8087, where the top cards often have four or six connectors, SFF-8088 usually comes with only one or two connectors per controller. This is because a single SFF-8088 connector on a SAS Expander-enabled controller can connect to a large SAS Expander-enabled enclosure, which can then be daisy-chained.

Before the popularity of SAS Expanders, people had to use 8087-to-8088 adapters to convert unused internal ports into external ports. This is still common for SATA controllers, or SAS controllers that are not being used with a SAS Expander setup.

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