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Every once in a while, a ground-breaking design is revealed in the world of computers. Today, Intel is ruling the industry with their unique machine known as the Intel NUC mini PC. This is a tiny computer system fitted with a customized motherboard and an Intel Core processor. NUC stands for Next Unit of Computing. Enthusiasts applaud the new machine indicating that it is essentially a hybrid of old desktop computers and modern laptops. The Intel NUC delivers as much power computing power as you need while remaining very small and portable. The Intel NUC mini PC does not have RAM, storage or an operating system among other components. As such, you can get these separately and attach them to the little machine. After getting these components, you can transform it into a glorious workhorse of a computer. By designing it, Intel intended to show the power of Core processors when they are put in really small system units. Here is more about the intel nuc mini pc and why it heralds a new future in computing.

Discover an Intel Celeron NUC PC

First and foremost, it is important to know the features of this new type of machine. A great example to begin with is the intel celeron nuc pc. This is one of the models currently available for purchase. It has a collection of specifications that provide any Do-It-Yourself computer enthusiast with a great platform to start on.


Processors and display capability

The Intel Celeron NUC PC contains an Intel Celeron processor N3050 capable of achieving 2.16 GHz Dual Core, 6W TDP. The unit can support DDR3L RAM memory of up to 8 GB delivering data at speeds of 1333/1600 MHz.

To give you the clearest picture possible, the mini PC has Intel HD graphics achievable through 2 display ports. They include a HDMI* 1.4a port and a HDB15 VGA port.

Sound and multimedia

This mini PC does not compromise on audio. It can deliver 7.1 surround sound through a HDMI cable. Furthermore, there is a jack for headphones or microphones on its front panel. In addition to that, there is another jack in its rear panel which you can use to attach TOSLINK or some headphones.

Peripheral capabilities

To get the Intel Celeron NUC PC up and running, you need to attach some peripherals. The device has 2 USB 3.0 ports in its front and back panels too. In addition to that, one of the USB ports in its front panel can be used to charge an extra device. There are 2 more internal USB 2,0 ports inside the mini PC which are accessible through a header. Last but not least, the mini PC has a Consumer Infrared sensor in its front panel.

Storage and networking capability

The intel nuc computer can support a 2.5” HDD/SSD storage media that is up to 9.5mm thick. Furthermore, the device has an SDXC slot capable of supporting UHS-I on the side. For seamless communication with other machines, this mini computer can handle a 10/100/1000Mbps network connection. Moreover, it can connect to the Wi-Fi thanks to Intel-Wireless-AC antennas. It is also capable of connecting to Bluetooth 4.0.


The intel nuc mini pc is packaged in an attractive case. The case is silver in color with a black top. It is made of plastic but has a metallic inner structure. The entire unit measures 115mm x 111mm x 51.6mm. As such, it is compact and very portable.

Power features

To get it up and running, you can connect this Intel NUC mini PC to a 19v or 65W wall-mount power adapter. Moreover, the unit is compatible with multi-country plugs.

What's in the box?

Upon purchase, you get a number of helpful items in its box. They include the Intel Celeron NUC PC, a VESA mount bracket with the required screws and an integration guide too. In addition to these, you also get a 19V, 65W wall-mount AC-DC power adapter with multi-country AC plugs.

Benefits of getting an intel nuc computer

The new Intel NUC mini PC provides a variety of benefits over large desktops and many laptop computers too.

It is small and portable

This mini computer is designed to be as small and portable as possible. Shaped like a box, it is only a few inches across and a few inches wide. Within this small compartment is a powerful core processor system which you can upgrade according to your own desire. As such, you can assemble it and connect it to a compatible big screen TV or even an extra monitor that you could have.

It is very affordable

Part of its mass appeal is the fact that this computer is very affordable. You can get one packed with a powerful processor and maximized peripheral compatibility at only $100. This one can give you as much computing power as a desktop or laptop that is worth 3 times this price. There are higher-end models of Intel NUC mini PCs that cost up to $500. These ones have very high performance parts such as 32GB of RAM, 2 storage media ports and and support for 4K displays.

You can customize it according to your desires

The Intel NUC mini PC does not come with its own operating system, storage, peripherals or optical drive. These are all parts which you need to get on your own. Despite the hassle, it gives you the choice to pick how much storage, which operating system or even the optical drive technology that you want to use. Essentially, the intel celeron nuc pc gives you complete freedom.

Powerful processing capability

One of the features of the intel nuc Sydney computer that enthusiasts have loved is the powerful processors inside. Any model of the Intel NUC mini PC can give you more processing power than most laptops. Furthermore, these mini computers have better air-flow, and increased space inside. As a matter of fact, they have full-scale versions of the Intel Iris HD graphics chip. As such, you get smooth data processing and excellent image display too.


If you are looking for something more portable than your regular desktop computer and more powerful than the average laptop, the intel nuc Australia is your best bet. Consumers have given the Intel Celeron NUC mini PC the mark of approval. It is ideal for basic computing and gaming too. Step into the future with this computer system.
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