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The world of computers experiences rapid innovations. Today, one of the latest emerging technologies in this industry is the Intel NUC mini PC. It is essentially a computer system that is tiny, contains a customized motherboard and high performance Intel processors too. For easier comprehension of the technology, NUC means Next Unit of Computing. In this device, the company has combined the power of the desktop and the portability of the laptop to create the mini PC. Upon purchase, the Intel NUC mini PC does not have components such as RAM, storage or even an operating system. You are required to install them yourself. This gives you the freedom to create a computer of your choice. In this new type of workstation, Intel exhibits the power of its Core processors and their ability to work flawlessly in small system units. Discover more about one of their most popular models, the Intel Core i7 NUC Mini PC.Discover the intel core i7 mini pc


Processors and display capability

This mini PC contains an Intel Core i7 processor. This high performance core contains a 4MB cache memory and runs at speeds of up to 4.00GHz. The system is also fitted with Integrated Graphics, can support up to 3 display screens. This is possible through HDMI 2.0 and USB-C ports.

Sound and multimedia

Users of this mini PC can enjoy crisp clear sound thanks to the audio technology embedded in this system. The unit has dual microphone ports in its front panels. Furthermore, you can connect a speakers using HDMI to this mini PC and play 7.1 surround sound. In the rear panel, you can find some other jacks which you can use to connect your headphones too.

Peripheral capabilities

For you to operate the machine like a regular computer system, you need to attach some peripherals. The intel core i7 pc has a total of 6 USB ports that can facilitate this connectivity. They utilize USB 2.0 and 3.0 technologies. In addition to that, the unit has a total of 2 SATA ports. You can use these to connect some external storage. If you need to connect a PCI card, the mini PC has a Gen3 PCI card slot. Furthermore, there is a memory card slot that accepts SDXC card. It also features UHS-i support.

Storage and networking capability

To keep it running at full capacity, you can attach some RAM memory of up to 32 GB to this mini PC. In addition to that, you can attach 2 DIMM storage devices to the unit. The maximum memory bandwidth in this mini PC is 34.1 GB/s. Furthermore, it puts 2 memory channels at your disposal. For easy file transfer and communication, the Intel Core i7 NUC Mini PC can be networked with other machines. The unit is compatible with Thunderbolt 3 (40GBps) connectivity. It has an integrated LAN capability of 10/100/1000. Moreover, the unit can connect to Bluetooth, consumer Infrared signals as well as Wi-Fi courtesy of Intel Wireless technology. Design The intel i7 australia has an attractive design which maximizes on portability. It has a plastic case with a metal component setup inside. The sides of the case are grey in color while the top is black. The mini PC is well vented. As such, it is not prone to overheating. An in-built fan also helps to keep the components frosty throughout. Surprisingly, it is a very silent component.

Power features

This mini PC from Intel can be powered through a DC input voltage of 12 to 19 VDC. In addition to that, it has a TDP of 28W. After purchasing it, you can enjoy a warranty period of 3 years provided by Intel.

Special supported technologies

The intel core i7 mini pc can support a number of advanced, special technologies. It is compatible with Optane Memory, High Definition (HD) Audio, Virtualization Technology, Rapid Storage and Platform Trust Technologies all provided by Intel.

What's in the box?

After you buy this intel core i7 sydney mini PC, you get a collection of useful items in its packaging. These include the mini PC itself, a 19V, 65W wall-mounted AC/DC power adapter and a collection of multi-country AC plugs. You also get a VESA mounting bracket bundled with the screws you require as well as an integration guide.


Are you in search of a PC that is more portable than a desktop computer and much more powerful than the average laptop? The intel NUC mini PC is the solution you need. It has been received with positive reviews by consumers. In addition to that, it has been regarded as a great choice for both gaming and basic computing too. This is a great reason for you to buy intel i7 computer


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