Kingston 32GB PC4-2933Y Reg ECC Module KTL-TS429/32G

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Dedication to Quality.
Kingston invests millions in the development and testing of its modules today to reduce your total cost of ownership tomorrow. The resulting performance, stability and long-term reliability are among the reasons Kingston server memory has become a worldwide industry standard. With more than a quarter of a century of server memory expertise, and as an industry leader, Kingston has the knowledge and resources to support your server memory needs.

For over three decades, Kingston has been the memory brand that customers choose to power their data centers. Server Premier memory features a locked BOM (Bill of Materials) to ensure a consistent brand and revision of DRAM and undergoes rigorous, dynamic burn-in testing designed to root out early-life failures at the factory before being shipped out. A key component of the production test process is that Kingston simulates customer workloads on the very same motherboards that are found in their data centers.

Testing: Above and Beyond.
Testing is a cornerstone of Kingston’s commitment to delivering the most reliable memory you can buy. In addition to the full suite of tests Kingston Technology performs on its memory, every Kingston server module must pass Dynamic Burn-in Testing. It’s a unique process designed to further screen out potentially defective modules before they are shipped

Application Acceleration.
Find the best solution with our industry-standard Server Premier memory and brand specific memory to get the exact RAM you need in your systems.

Memory Capacity 32GB
Module Quantity 1 Module
Speed 2933MHz (PC4-23400)
Error Check ECC Registered
Model/Series/Type System Specific
Module Type DIMM
CAS Latency CL21
Form Factor DDR4
Rank 2R (Dual Rank)
Pins 288 Pin
Operating Temperature 0°C to 85°C
Memory Voltage 1.2v
Memory Depth 4G
Product Condition New
Product Type/Family RAM
Chip Organization x4
Data Width X72
More Information
Price $391.00
Condition Brand New
Manufacturer Kingston
Generation DDR4
Installed Memory 32GB
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