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Create and Share Every Moment
Enjoy the freedom to move while creating content with a magnetic phone mount with face recognition tracking1 that turns 360 degrees and shoots from any angle. Featuring built-in magnetic technology, this mount snaps securely onto the iPhone 12 with easy, one-handed placement. An accompanying app can recognize your face, follows your movements while you shoot, and links directly to your social media channels.

Perfect Magnetic Alignment
Magnetically snap your iPhone 12 into place with easy, one-handed placement that aligns perfectly every time.

Accompanying iOS App
The Face Tracking Mount app for iOS uses face recognition1 to follow your face while you’re shooting content, and connects to your social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and more. Download on the App Store. Not recommended for video calls and usage with FaceTime, WhatsApp and WeChat apps.

360-Degrees of Rotation
The stand auto-tracks your face with a full 360-degrees of rotational coverage, so nothing ever gets missed.

Adjust Your Angles
Frame your best shots by manually adjusting the stand vertically from -15 to 30 degrees and create content in multiple viewing angles.

Shoot in Landscape or Portrait
Customize your video for various platforms with the option to secure your phone in place in landscape or portrait mode.

Works with MagSafe Cases
The Face Tracking Magnetic Phone Mount is compatible with official MagSafe cases for even easier secure attachment to iPhone 12.

At a Glance
- Face-tracking mount follows your movements while creating video content
- Magnetic attachment for perfect, one-handed placement
- Accompanying app links to social media apps
- 360-degree rotation and adjustable angles follows you with flexibility
- Shoot in landscape or portrait mode
- Requires 3 AA batteries, not included
- Compatible with official MagSafe cases
- This product does not charge your phone
- Not recommended for video calls and usage with FaceTime, WhatsApp and WeChat apps

- iPhone 14
- iPhone 14 Pro
- iPhone 14 Plus
- iPhone 14 Pro Max
- iPhone 12
- iPhone 12 mini
- iPhone 12 Pro
- iPhone 12 Pro Max
- iPhone 13
- iPhone 13 mini
- iPhone 13 Pro
- iPhone 13 Pro Max

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