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The HP iLO management processor is the core foundation and intelligence of all HP ProLiant servers. HP iLO functions out-of-the-box without additional software installation and functions regardless of the servers' state of operation. HP iLO can be accessed from any location via a web browser and works hand-in-hand with HP Systems Insight Manager, HP Insight Control, and Matrix Operating Environment, helping customers unleash the value of the HP ProLiant platform and deliver the highest possible quality of IT service to the business.

HP iLO management processors for HP ProLiant Gen8 servers helps simplify server setup, engage health monitoring and power and thermal control, and promote remote administration. Building on the legendary HP iLO technology, key elements like HP Agentless Management and HP Active Health System, are standard features found within the next generation of iLO (iLO4) under the HP iLO Management Engine portfolio and all HP ProLiant Gen8 servers. The HP iLO Management Engine portfolio includes:

HP Agentless Management (iLO4): the base hardware monitoring and alerting capability is built into the system (running on the HP iLO chipset) and starts working the moment that a power cord and an Ethernet cable is connected to the server. This means that:

All core management is out-of-band for increased security and stability: no OS software required, no open SNMP port on the OS and zero downtime updates.

Monitor and Alerting on key internal server components: fans, hard drives (including cache modules), power supplies failures.

HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) can see the system and will give customers preview of the System Health Summary and Sub-System Details.

HP Active Health System (iLO4): HP Active Health System is an essential component of the HP iLO Management Engine. It provides customers with: Diagnostics tools/scanners wrapped into one; Always on, continuous monitoring for increased stability and shorter downtimes; Rich configuration history; Health and service alerts; Easy export and upload to Service and Support.

HP Intelligent Provisioning (iLO4): Lets customers provision and configure a single server without any separate media. No more SmartStart CDs or Smart Update Firmware DVDs are needed.

HP Embedded Remote Support (iLO4): HP offers embedded remote support that allows a customer to enable remote support directly from iLO (also OA and IP) without installing OS agents on the device, greatly reducing the time to activate remote monitoring. Through Insight Remote Support 7.0.5 and later versions, customers now benefit from 24x7 remote monitoring, auto-generated service events, support cases and anywhere, anytime monitoring with HP Insight Online, a personalized cloud-based IT dashboard. Through the HP Support Center portal, Insight Online displays devices remotely monitored by HP and lets you easily track your auto-generated service events and support cases, view device configurations, and proactively monitor your HP contracts and warranties as well as HP Proactive service credit balances.

HP iLO Mobile App (iLO4): HP iLO brings additional efficiency and effective remote management at the touch of your fingertips. HP iLO Mobile App. Allows you immediate secured access to your server from the touch of your Smartphone or Tablet devices. Today we support Apple's iOS (iTouch, iPhone4, iPad) and Android devices (Android Phone and Android Tablet). This feature is supported on HP iLO 3 and HP iLO 4.

HP iLO multi-language support (iLO4): Today we provide our customers with the ability to read the HP iLO GUI in the following languages: English and Japanese; with the introduction of HP iLO 4 we bring yet another language: simplified Chinese.

HP Sea of Sensors 3D (iLO4): Today we increase the functionality of the popular HP's Sea of Sensors. Introducing HP Sea of Sensors 3D; adding approximately 28 additional thermal sensors on HP branded networking and storage PCI cards, backplanes, and mezzanine cards for a 3D view of system cooling that automatically tracks thermal activity - heat - across the server. When temperatures get too high, sensors can kick on fans and make other adjustments to reduce energy usage. Advanced functionality, such as graphical remote console, multi-user collaboration, and video record/playback can be activated with the optional HP iLO Advanced or HP iLO Advanced for BladeSystem licenses. These HP iLO Advanced licenses can be purchased stand-alone or as part of HP Insight Control. The Advanced licensed features offer sophisticated remote administration of servers in dynamic data center and remote locations and can help significantly reduce cost associated with IT-related travel and unplanned downtime.

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