Schneider Electric Easy UPS 1Ph BVS Series 500VA/300W UPS - BVS500I-AZ


SE Easy UPS, 500VA, Floor/Wall Mount, 230V, 4x AS3112 Australian outlets, AVR


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Schneider Electric Easy UPS 1Ph BVS Series 500VA/300W UPS - Nominal Input Voltage (Vac): 230 10% - Input Voltage Range (Vac): 170-280 (V) - Input Frequency (Hz): 50 Hz or 60 Hz +/- 1 Hz - Rated Input Current: 5A - Capacity (VA): 500 - Capacity (Watts): 300 - LCD display for status and alert - BVS500I-AZ

Easy UPS Single Phase BV Series is a versatile UPS developed to handle inconsistent power conditions while also delivering the quality millions of IT professionals trust around the world.

The BVS500I-AZ 500VA floor/wall mount UPS has 4 total outlets, all of which provide battery back up and surge protection. It has a surge energy rating of 156 Joules. It features Automatic Voltage Regulation to correct voltage dips and surges to proper levels.

Because Life Always Needs to be On.
Provide an emergency power supply for your electrical equipment to protect your investment from unexpected power disruption, including spikes, surges and voltage dips.
Power Surge Protection: Stabilises the main electrical line voltage to your devices.
Refined Power Supply: Protects connected devices from dips and spikes caused by lightning.
Instant Power: Power to your equipment the exact moment the power goes out, protecting you from data loss or unexpected interruption.
Ensure reliable uptime and clean power for your critical devices.

Protect Your Investment

The Schneider Electric Easy UPS BV Series provides power protection for unstable power conditions in homes and small offices, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity at the most critical moments.

Home Office

Home Office

Protect Home Office devices including modems, routers, PCs, monitors and network-attached storage.

Home Entertainment

Home Entertainment

Protect Home Entertainment devices including TVs, set-top boxes, media players and speaker systems.

Smart Home

Smart Home

Protect Smart Home devices including smart speakers, home security and surveillance cameras.

Additional Features

Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)

Corrects voltage dips and surges to safe levels. Saves battery life by correcting sustained voltage fluctuations without using battery power.

Longer runtimes

Power your modem or router and maintain your internet connection for hours after shutting down your PC or other high power devices.

Variety of installations

Compact size accommodates a variety of environments. Wall mounting sockets allow for mounting the UPS in a structured wiring closets, behind desks, in basements, or garages.

Wide outlet spacing

Allows you to connect bulky transformers without blocking other outlets.

Understand Your Device Runtime

Using the below table, you can choose a solution aligned with your specific application and runtime needs to ensure you’re protected.

120 Watts
5 mins
15 mins
180 Watts
3 mins
9 mins
240 Watts
30 secs
2.5 mins

Runtime varies according to devices, usage and power settings. The higher battery power (VA), the longer the runtime provided.

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy.

At Schneider Electric, sustainability has been at the core of our business strategy for the past 15 years. Being awarded with top rating in four keys Environmental, Social and Governance corporate ratings, demonstrates our sustainability leadership which has spanned over a decade (DJSI, Ecovadis, CDP A list, Vigeo Eiris). As an impact company, we create technologies and solutions to advance a more efficient, sustainable, resilient, and inclusive world for all. We work with customers, partners, governments, and suppliers to deploy these solutions and create a low-carbon future.

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