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Work and Game Uninterrupted

Designed for Gamers and Professionals, APC™ by Schneider Electric delivers a new UPS category focused on essential power protection needs even in the most unstable power conditions. SMV Series was developed to handle a wide voltage range, and inconsistent power conditions with pure sinewave output on battery backup power.

  • More than a battery, the SMV Series delivers 1400W in a pure form of sinewave designed to emulate utility power.
  • Offers 6 battery backup and surge protected outlets to support an array of devices.
Provide an emergency power supply for your electrical equipment to protect your investment from unexpected power disruption, including spikes, surges and voltage dips.
Power Surge Protection: Stabilises the main electrical line voltage to your devices.
Refined Power Supply: Protects connected devices from dips and spikes caused by lightning.
Instant Power: Power to your equipment the exact moment the power goes out, protecting you from data loss or unexpected interruption.
Ensure reliable uptime and clean power for your critical devices.

Peace of Mind for Hybrid Usage

Clean, reliable power has become a necessity for modern users, with work-from-home professionals and gamers requiring reliability to sustain concurrent tasks, workloads and long gaming sessions. The SMV Series delivers clean power that provides peace of mind over those long usage periods, and redundancies so that you can work or game, even in the case of a power outage.

Gaming Setups

Protect Gaming devices including high performance gaming PCs, monitors and consoles.

Professional Workstations

Protect high-powered Workstations including multi-monitor setups, professional equipment and servers.

Home Office

Protect Home Office devices including office PCs, monitors and network-attached storage.

Rugged Design

SMV Series devices feature a heavy duty design that gamers and professionals can trust. Constructed with resilient sheet metal that rigidly holds and protects critical electrical components.

SMV Series
SMV Series

Easy UPS Remote Management Solution

For IT professionals in small to medium businesses, APC™ by Schneider Electric delivers a new management card that uses standard SNMP allowing you to remotely control and configure your Easy UPS SMV Series. Integrated with Easy UPS Line Interactive SNMP Manager software, devices with the SNMP card installed can be monitored and controlled in LAN.

*APV9602 Management Card Sold Separately

Additional Features

Automatic Voltage Regulation

SMV Series devices automatically steps up low voltage and steps down high voltage to levels that are suitable for your equipment.

LCD Display and Alarms

Quickly and easily determine the functional status of your UPS by checking the front LCD display. The onboard alarm system provides notification of changing utility power and UPS power conditions.

Dry Contact Port and Intelligent Slot

Provides dry contact signals for remote UPS monitoring. An Intelligent Slot is also available to add a management card (sold separately) to enable remote UPS monitoring.

Safety Agency Approved

Ensures the product has been tested and approved to work safely with the connected service provider equipment and within the specified environment.

Compare the Range

Using the below table, you can choose a solution aligned with your specific application needs to ensure you’re protected.

Output Power Capacity
525 Watts / 750VA
700 Watts / 1.0kVA
1.05 kWatts / 1.5kVA
1.4 kWatts / 2.0kVA
2.1 kWatts / 3.0kVA
Net Weight
13.6 KG
13.6 KG
17.8 KG
23.5 KG
25.2 KG
Typical Recharge Time
4 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours
4 Hours

Runtime varies according to devices, usage and power settings. The higher battery power (VA), the longer the runtime provided.

Sustainability is at the heart of our strategy.

At Schneider Electric, sustainability has been at the core of our business strategy for the past 15 years. Being awarded with top rating in four keys Environmental, Social and Governance corporate ratings, demonstrates our sustainability leadership which has spanned over a decade (DJSI, Ecovadis, CDP A list, Vigeo Eiris). As an impact company, we create technologies and solutions to advance a more efficient, sustainable, resilient, and inclusive world for all. We work with customers, partners, governments, and suppliers to deploy these solutions and create a low-carbon future.

Technical Specifications
Max Configurable Power (Watts)

1.4kWatts / 2.0kVA

Output Frequency (sync to mains)

50/60 Hz +/- 1 Hz Unsynchronised

Load Crest Factor

3 : 1


Line interactive

Waveform type

Sine wave

Transfer Time

2-6 ms typical : 12 ms maximum

Input frequency

45 - 65 Hz +/- 1 Hz Auto-sensing

Input voltage range for main operations

165 - 295V

Number of Power Cords


Input Power Factor at Full Load

220 V, 240 V

Batteries & Runtime
Battery type

Lead-acid battery

Typical recharge time

4 hours

Expected Battery Life (years)

3 - 5

Battery Charge Power (Watts)

75 Watts

Battery Volt-Amp-Hour Capacity


Communications & Management
Interface Port(s)

Intelligent Smart Slot, USB

Audible Alarm

Alarm when on battery : distinctive low battery alarm : overload continuous tone alarm

Available SmartSlot™ Interface Quantity


Surge Protection And Filtering
Surge energy rating


Maximum Height


Maximum Width


Maximum Depth


Net Weight


Shipping weight


Shipping Height


Shipping Width


Shipping Depth




Operating Temperature

0 - 40 °C

Operating Relative Humidity

0 - 95 (Non-condensing) %

Operating Elevation

0 - 3000metres

Storage Temperature

-10 - 40 °C

Storage Relative Humidity

0 - 95 (Non-condensing) %

Storage Elevation

0 - 15000metres

Audible noise at 1 metre from surface of unit


Protection Class



CE, EN/IEC 62040-1, EN/IEC 62040-2

Standard warranty

2 years repair or replace

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR)
Automatically increases the low voltage gradually and lowers the high voltage to levels appropriate for your devices.

Supports cold start
Allows temporary battery operation if the power supply fails.

LCD graphics screen
Display of operating modes, system parameters and alarms in the form of texts and overview circuit diagrams.

Purely sinusoidal output signal in battery operation
Simulates mains power supply for the highest possible compatibility with servers and sensitive electronic systems with active correction of the power factor.

Sleek design
The slim, modern housing can be set up vertically or horizontally. Wall mounting is also possible. It fits in any technical environment or in private households.

Sockets for connecting plug-in power supplies
Protect devices with input transformers without covering other sockets.

Supports cold start
Allows temporary battery operation if the power supply fails.

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) with boost function
Extends the life and bridging time of batteries by correcting undervoltage without discharging the battery.

UPS systems and surge protection
The outputs provide ample autonomy for network gateways and other important devices. This means that even in the event of a power failure, the Internet access will still work for several hours.

Outputs with battery buffer and surge protection
Protect your hardware in the event of mains power failures, overvoltages and voltage spikes.

Intelligent battery management
An intelligent precision charging system optimizes the performance, service life and reliability of batteries.

Battery failure notification
Analyzes for the early detection of battery faults enable timely preventive maintenance

Powerful security functions
Protect your Home UPS against overloads, mains overvoltages, short circuits, installation errors and battery damage due to undervoltage.

Approval by testing institutions
Ensures that the product has been tested and approved for safe operation with connected devices from service providers and within the specified environment.

LED indicators
Clear displays for network quality, UPS and battery status.

warning tones
Notifies users when the status of the power supply or UPS system changes.

Technical specifications


Max configurable power (in watts)
1.4kW / 2.0kVA

Output frequency (not synchronized)
50/60 Hz +/- 1 Hz

Maximum load factor
3: 1

Inter Active Line

The type of waveform
sine wave

Transmission time
2ms typical


Input frequency
45 - 65 Hz (automatic detection)

Input voltage range for main operations

Number of power cables

Other input voltages
220, 240

Batteries and runtime

Battery type
Maintenance-free lead-acid battery sealed with electrolyte suspended: leak-proof

Typical recharge time
4 hours (hours)

Expected battery life (years)

Battery capacity in Volt-Amp-hour

Communication and control

Interface port (s)

Alarm functions
Battery Alarm Alarm: Distinct Battery Low Alarm: Continuous "Overload" Alarm


Maximum height dimensions
240mm, 24.0cm

Maximum widths
180mm, 18.0cm

Maximum depth dimensions
455mm, 45.5cm

Net weight

Shipping weight

Transport height
410mm, 41.05cm

Shipping width
326mm, 32.6cm

Delivery depth
601mm, 60.1cm

Environmental Protection

Operating temperature
0-40 ° C

Relative operating humidity
0-95 (non-condensing)%

Operating height

Storage temperature
-10-40 ° C

Storage relative humidity
0 - 95%

Storage height

Audible noise 1 meter from unit surface



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