HPE 1.92TB SATA 6Gbps Read Intensive SFF SC Multi Vendor SSD

HPESKU: P18426-B21


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Do you need to accelerate the performance of your data-intensive applications?

HPE Read Intensive (RI) Solid State Drives (SSDs) deliver high performance and endurance for applications requiring high random read IOPS performance.

HPE (RI) SSDs are backed by over 3.35 million hours of testing and qualification1 ensuring reliable, high performing drives.

HPE Value SAS SSDs offer a significant performance boost over SATA SSDs with roughly twice the IOPS of SATA SSDs, enabling you to improve transactional database workloads with affordable Value SAS SSDs.

HPE Digitally Signed Firmware prevents unauthorized access to your data by providing the assurance that drive firmware comes from a trusted source. Icons on the HPE Smart Carrier take the guesswork out of a drive’s status, and a "do not remove" button prevents data loss from human error. You can also monitor the lifespan of your SSD with HPE SmartSSD Wear Gauge, allowing you to determine if any drives are at risk of failure.

What's New

  • HPE 1.92 TB SATA 6G Read Intensive SFF (2.5-inch) BC Self-Encrypting 5400P SSD

Key Features

High Performance, Exceptional Reliability, and Efficiency for Faster Business Results

HPE SATA Read Intensive Solid State Drives are ideal for big data analytics, cloud computing, active archiving, database applications, and data warehousing.

HPE SSDs achieve higher IOPs to enhance the performance of your data center.

HPE SSDs maintain data accuracy with full data-path error detection.

Choose from a broad portfolio of enhanced solutions in a wide variety of capacities.

Support 6 Gb/s SATA


HPE Multi Vendor SSDs Offer Longer SKU Lifecycles and Immediate Availability on SATA SSDs

HPE enhanced its extensive SSD portfolio with a Multi Vendor SSD SKU offering that allows for extended SKU lifecycles, immediately available supply and preferably priced SATA SSDs.

HPE Multi Vendor SSD SKU offering ensures the SATA SSD selected, delivers the minimum level of performance published, or better.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Solid State Drives are rigorously tested 3.35 million hours in various environments to achieve the quality standards you need.


Lifetime writes 2,800

Endurance DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) 0.8

Read IOPS Random Read IOPS (4KiB, Q=16)=55,500
Max Random Read IOPS (4KiB)=56,000@Q32

Write IOPS 

Random Write IOPS (4KiB, Q=16)=24,000
Max Random Write IOPS (4KiB)=25,000@Q32

Power (Watts) 3.53

Plug type Hot Pluggable

Height 7 mm


HPE Solid State Drives and Add-In Cards have a standard 3/0/0 warranty; Customer Self Repair (CSR) subject to maximum usage limitations. Maximum usage limit is the maximum amount of data that can be written to the drive. Drives that have reached this limit will not be eligible for warranty coverage

Detailed product description

HPE 1.92 TB, SATA, read intensive, solid state, small form factor, Smart Carrier, drive with 3-year warranty

Platform supported HPE Specialized Compute Platforms

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