Konix 0.3m Slim CAT6 UTP Patch Cable LSZH - Green

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Many global brand name manufacturers have developed small diameter patch cords in order to solve issues with today’s commonly used patch cords, such as limited spaces for cable management, restricted airflow, and the inflexibility of the cables.

This slim 28AWG UTP Snagless cable is a perfect answer to the above problems. It is great for high density spaces such as telecommunication rooms and data centres. The cable diameter is only 3.8mm, making it almost half of the size of the standard CAT6 cable. This makes it very easy to install, and the cable management job much nicer and tidier. 


  1. This slim CAT6 Patch cord exceeds the limits of all patch cords’ electrical performance.
  2. This 28AWG slim patch cord occupies around ½ space of the commonly used patch cords. It enables simplified cable management, improves airflow and reduces pathway fill and operation costs.
  3. This 28AWG slim patch cord improves the flexibility of MAC – Move, Add and Change.
  4. This 28AWG slim patch cord is much softer than normal CAT6 cables. It provides tighter bend radius to reach ultimate flexibility in cable routing, dressing and management.
  5. The cable jacket is LSZH ( Low Smoke Zero Halogen ) which describes a cable jacket material that is non-halogenated and flame retardant. This type of jacket material has excellent fire safety characteristics of low smoke, low toxicity and low corrosion. This type of cable jacket material is used in applications such as Central Offices, Mass Transit Rail Systems, Nuclear Plants and Oil Refineries or in any other application where the protection of people and equipment from toxic and corrosive gasses is critical.
  6. This cable comes with a snagless boot to protect the latch tab from being damaged. The connector is 50u Gold plated.
  7. The conductor is 100% pure Copper.
  8. Pass Fluke DTX-1800 Tests


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