Lenovo Tiny VESA Mount II - System mounting bracket

LenovoSKU: 4XF0N03161

Lenovo Tiny VESA Mount II - System mounting bracket - for ThinkCentre M625; M630; M70; M715q (2nd Gen); M720; M75; M80; M920; ThinkStation P330


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The ThinkCentre Tiny VESA Mount II is a unique design specific to house the Tiny PC while featuring the universal VESA mount configuration. The VESA standard enables this mount to attach to anything that is VESA compatible for the utmost in mounting flexibility. This versatile mounting device can be used separately or combined with other options for secure mounting functionality.The ThinkCentre Tiny VESA Mount is a required component for the following ThinkCenter Tiny options

Key Details

  • ThinkCentre Tiny Storage Unit - 0B47375
  • ThinkCentre Tiny L-Bracket Mounting Kit - 0B47374
  • ThinkCentre Tiny Under Desk Mount Bracket - 0B47097


Product Description Lenovo Tiny VESA Mount II - system mounting bracket
Product Type System mounting bracket
Features VESA interface support
Designed For ThinkCentre M600; M625q; M630e; M700; M700z; M70q; M70q Gen 2; M70q Gen 3; M710q; M715q; M715q (2nd Gen); M720q; M75q Gen 2; M75q-1; M75t Gen 2; M800z; M80q; M80q Gen 3; M900; M900x; M900z; M90q; M90q Gen 2; M90q Gen 3; M910q; M910x; M920q; M920x; ThinkStation P330; P340; P350; P360; P410

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