6 most important professional considerations for a business purchasing an on-site server

Basic servers in Australia will hold data in a central repository which is easy to access by multiple terminals. More advanced servers are needed for when large file transfers, data streaming, and special work on multimedia projects is required.

A server in a business stores files, applications, operating systems, programs, and peripherals for the office network. An on-site server is the most effective solution for small to medium-sized businesses. As the business expands it offers the flexibility that enables additional staff quick access, and the ability to share information and collaborate.

A server is an investment
Buying a server is an investment influenced not only by server price. When considering the range of servers for sale it is important to understand your own requirements. Choosing the correct server will give you efficiency, and if you have properly assessed and analyzed your current specifications as well as future needs, it will also offer you some flexibility. The technology in servers in Australia is being regularly improved. If you need to make changes to your server system, as your network experiences an increased load, then having a modular system that is well supported will make this simpler.

Seek technical advice
If you are unsure about your server needs then speak to a server specialist, who is willing to listen to and analyze your request, will take the time to fully understand your needs, and has the necessary knowledge and practical experience to provide valuable and relevant professional advice about the server type and its installation.

PC LAN understands how important clear technical advice is with a focus on effective customer service, providing quality servers in Sydney to our suppliers and our clients. Our ongoing success continues to demonstrate our commitment to our customer service and demonstrates our capacity to find highly effective server solutions for clients. We are the go-to technical experts for businesses considering buying servers in Sydney.

With our assistance, you are able to simplify the purchasing process and buy your server online. Not only do we have a wide range of servers for sale but by contacting us you have access to our specialist skills and advice and will be able to undertake the transaction with complete confidence.

There are six fundamentals that you need to consider if you choose to buy a server online.

1. Price
We work closely with our clients to ensure that we are able to maximise value. We understand that server price is an important consideration, even if it is not the only consideration. There is a range of servers for sale including, new, open box and refurbished equipment. We are able to provide high-quality corporate equipment as well as other options to meet your requirements. We also have the capacity to custom build servers to meet specific needs.

2. Space
Available space and any current arrangements will influence the choice of server.

Rack Servers: Multiple servers can be stacked above each other.
Tower Servers: A standalone, upright cabinet
Blade Servers: Thin server frame with modular capacity to hold multiple server blades
Microservers: Small boxes designed to carry out simple tasks in large numbers

There will be issues of security, power, noise, air conditioning and cabling. Throughout any discussion around server price, we will ensure that there is clarity on the type and capacity of the server as well. We will ensure that you understand the detail and will be able to make an informed choice.

3. Reliability
We constantly look for equipment that is recognised in the industry for quality and reliability. However, if the server needs to be constantly functioning then it must have processes to prevent there being points where the system can fail. An extra power supply added to the server ensures that if one fails then the server is still able to function. Redundant memory capacity on the server can be used if memory failure occurs. We ensure that the server is able to meet your functional needs and operational specifications.

4. Storage
Data storage capacity is a major factor. Different servers have varying storage capacities. Most servers are able to hold two internal hard drives. If you are upgrading then the new server should have at least 30% more capacity than your current requirements. It is important to understand what your storage capacity specifications are so that you do not have a lot of unnecessary storage capacity or you do not have too little which could create problems in the near future.

5. Connectivity
Every server has some built-in connectivity. For a simple connectivity is usually simple to check and manage. If the server will act as a cluster node or as a virtualization host server then connectivity becomes more important. Speak to our support staff if you need more clarification on the functionality and connectivity you will need from your server.

6. Management and Technical Support
Reliable readily accessible support is needed. If you already have a satisfactory provider supporting software and hardware then check to confirm they will support the server you plan to choose. Having access to a skilled and knowledgeable advisor on server management will ensure the server is operating efficiently. Most servers support a standardized protocol for supporting hardware management. But one vendor's proprietary management software will not work on a server from another vendor. We will help you ensure that your server functions effectively.

Speak to skilled and experienced professionals with knowledge of advanced server systems to cover all facets of your server equipment needs and specifications. Part of our scope is providing technical support, so you can be confident we understand the issues associated with system functionality and reliability as well as likely operational issues to consider in selecting the appropriate equipment for your needs.

By combining value for business with our outstanding sales and service support we ensure that our customers will get the best result. If you are unsure which server is best for you simply give PC LAN a call or contact us online and explain to us more about your requirements. As a leading supplier of servers in Sydney, we will ensure that you not only receive high-level advice but also the best possible price and service to assist you in making the right decision.


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